Soccer Camps - Winter Camp 2022-2023

Campus type
Soccer winter camp
From December 26 to February 11
From 13 to 22 years old
1 Week From 13 to 22 years old December 26 to February 11 795 BOOK NOW
2 Weeks From 13 to 22 years old December 26 to February 11 1700€ BOOK NOW
3 Weeks From 13 to 22 years old December 26 to February 11 2600€ BOOK NOW
4 Weeks From 13 to 22 years old December 26 to February 11 3400€ BOOK NOW
5 Weeks From 13 to 22 years old December 26 to February 11 4200€ BOOK NOW
6 Weeks From 13 to 22 years old December 26 to February 11 5000€ BOOK NOW
7 Weeks From 13 to 22 years old December 26 to February 11 5700€ BOOK NOW


Soccer Academy - Valencia
Soccer Academy - Valencia


Pick up Valencia airport 120€
Drop off Valencia airport 120€
Pick up Alicante airport 200€
Drop off Alicante airport 200€
Extra day or Previous night 75€
Sunday 75€


At SIA Academy we stand out because we successfully train players for high performance. We work the sporting aspect with the utmost professionalism and we complement it with the educational part working from the integral formation, education in values and promoting academic solidity.

We are the only Academy that has its own teams in all categories up to Third Division in the Amateur category and up to National League in the Youth category. After their initial assessment by our professionals, the players compete in a category according to their sporting level.

Therefore, we assure the player a total and controlled training by the professionals who work in our teams and who work in coordination with the sports management to control the sporting evolution and help in the progression to achieve the goal of becoming a professional soccer player.

Our work method is based on Tactical Periodization. With this methodology we can focus at the same time on the two aspects that we consider fundamental for the development of our players: the individual aspect and the collective aspect.

Our goal is to offer our players all the necessary tools to solve all the problems that arise in the matches, with training sessions focused on individual aspects so that they can develop all the details of individual technical nature, such as passing, dribbling, control and shooting at goal.

On the other hand we will work on training focused on the collective aspect so that they can improve their understanding of the game, so that they can think about all the moments that happen in a match, recognize what is happening and discover the best solutions for each problem.

The main objective of the analysis department is to train coaches and players through different software specialized in the analysis of the game and thus, obtain a technical-tactical transfer through the analyzed contents.

The player must know that for his individual improvement he must be able to understand the proposed game model and from the analysis department they learn to analyze matches and training sessions and to establish their own performance objectives.

Monitoring and evaluation

We use advanced technology through which the player is continuously evaluated and monitored by recording all training sessions and matches and by the use of GPS by our specialists, which allows us to control the progression of our players at all times.

Our starting point is to know our players in an integral way. To this end, we have a multidisciplinary health team (doctor, nutritionist, psychologist, physical trainer and physiotherapist) that performs a complete medical and nutritional evaluation that allows us to establish the objectives and strategies to work on during the season, taking into consideration both their initial physical and nutritional state and their dietary and cultural habits and needs.

We also work to develop the emotional competencies of the players from the moment they join our academy and we carry out programs through which we get to know their personal abilities to help them develop their sporting and educational potential.

For its part, the physical preparation department is responsible for optimizing the performance of our players and minimizing the risk of injury.

We work with the Jaume I Clinic in Catarroja, which allows us to have access to all medical specialties and expedites and ensures all the care needed by players in sports or general medicine.

All players take some type of training during the program. Most of our students continue their academic studies at a distance with their school or university in their country of origin, always with supervision and contact from our staff with the corresponding educational center.

The program is equipped with the flexibility and methods necessary for students to train and compete without lowering the performance in their studies, maximizing the use of time and having reinforcement teachers.

If the player is under 16 years old, through the agreement with the British School, as well as with different first level academies, the players continue with their academic development according to their needs and the educational program to be followed.

If they are over 16 years old, our students have the option to continue their academic studies at a distance with their school or university in their country of origin, always with the supervision and contact of our staff with the corresponding educational center.

We provide pedagogical support to the players who study with the US academic system so that they can continue with the online training.

Players also join language classes to contribute to their educational development with the help of our pedagogical professionals, with Spanish classes certified by the Instituto Cervantes. These classes are important to integrate players of other nationalities into the language and culture of our country.

We also have our training department that teaches in our facilities the Coaching Course and the Videoanalysis course, as well as Masterclasses, webinars related to soccer and education.

Our tutoring manager is in charge of channeling all the information coming from the different areas and departments and is also in charge of closely following the player's development, especially his socialization, adaptation and academic performance.

Winter Soccer Camp in Spain 2022-2023

Intensive training with competition in Valencia

SIA academy carries out the best Christmas soccer camps in Spain in collaboration with clubs such as CFValencia and previously with FCPorto. Different options of intensive soccer camps for boys, girls and goalkeepers. Our High Performance programs for players from 13 to 23 years old and with language classes (English and Spanish). Physical preparation and technology sets us apart.

We have a separate morning-only program for the youngest players from 6 to 12 years old.

To help you choose the best soccer camp in Spain, here below you can see the most important data of each program, dates, such as price, training hours, and the most important information about the program.


campamento de invierno

During the days that we will train in our facilities at the SIA Academy High Performance Center, our coaches will ensure that the players participate in training sessions similar to those of professional soccer players, adapting them to the different characteristics of each player, thus rewarding the quality of the teaching-learning process, which will be individualized to the maximum.

preparacion física
video analisis


In addition, we have the option to participate in matches against different teams that come to our facilities for Winter Stages. Every year we receive several teams from different parts of the world.

Tournaments are also played during these dates and depending on availability and possibilities we try to include our teams.

We will let you know well in advance if there is the possibility of combining campus plus participation in tournaments or friendly matches.


partidos de fútbol academia



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